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Forever's Zed
Breed Facts:
Ozarkansas Rabbits and Cavies
​Mature weight: 5-8 lbs

Class: 4

Body type: Full Arch (They are a running breed)

Fur: Flyback

Recognized colors: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gold, Gray, Lilac, Tortoise

Country of origin: England 

Year recognized by ARBA: 1924 

English Spot
 English Spot is medium sized breed of rabbit. They are best known for and recognized by their full arch body type and very unique markings. Developed in the 1800's as primarily a show rabbit, show or fancy is still the most common purpose of the breed. However if you are looking for a more curious and energetic pet bunny, English Spots can make very good pets!
Honeysuckle Creek's Speedy
Sr. Buck
Color: Tortoise
Ear number: H3
D.O.B : 5-18-17
Weight:  5lbs 6ozs
Winnings: 4 times BOB, 4 times BOV
Legs: 1
Number of times shown: 8

Sr. Buck
Color: Chocolate
​Ear number: FW37
D.O.B: 1-18-17
Weight: 6 lbs.
Registration number: Y288P
Winnings: 2 times BOB, 2 times BOV
Legs: 1
Number of times shown: 4