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Allmost Fall, Y'all!! (and I need some suggestions)

by Lindsey on 08/15/18

Hey Everyone!

Fall is just around the corner now, and I couldn't be more excited! Fall weather, fall rabbit shows, fall babies, oh my! I'm especially excited for babies, I mean who isn't? I have some breedings planned for early September, that should give me a nice variety of Dutch and Beveren babies! I have learned not to expect every doe to take, but I sure hope they all will! So here's the litters I'm looking forward to!

Goodwin Family Farms Oceanna (Blue Dutch) x Bergene's Hershey (Chocolate Dutch)

Ozarkansas' Chocolate Chip (Chocolate Dutch) x Bergene's Donovan (Chocolate Dutch)

Calloway's Pandora (White Beveren) x Ozarkansas' Nevada Falls (White Beveren)

BN Beverly Hills (White Beveren) x Ozarkansas' Alaska Winter (White Beveren)

Ozarkansas' Jasmine Forest (White Beveren) x Whitehouse's Buckingham Palace (White Beveren)

All of these pairings are firsts so fingers crossed they turn out good, and I will keep you all updated!

Just one more thing for now, and I'm actually looking for suggestions on this one! I need a name theme for my English Spots! I find naming my rabbits very fun and I plan to start breeding English Spots soon, and would like to have a theme for the breed! I'm very open to suggestions! Please don't think you idea is too silly or dorky to be considered! I promise it's not! I mean, my only idea at the moment is VeggieTales #yesiamhomeschooled LOL

Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


Y'all I'm Back!!!!

by Lindsey on 08/04/18

Hey Everyone!!!

It has been way too long y'all! Way too long since I updated the website or wrote a blog post! But I didn't leave for good, I'm back and super happy to be back! If you follow the rabbitry on Facebook you may have read the reason I haven't updated anything is because my PC has been down and I can't access my website editor on my phone. (If you do not yet follow the rabbitry on Facebook feel free to do so! https://www.facebook.com/Ozarkansas-Rabbits-and-Cavies-1085995941539218/ ) So now that my PC is up and running I've spent the last 3 weeks getting everything updated here! If you are a long time reader / visitor / fan / stalker (which ever term you prefer LOL) you may have noticed some changes! If you are new here, here's some of the major things that have changed!

First (big deal): Our name! I decided to change the name from "Ozarkansas Rabbit Farms" to "Ozarkansas Rabbits and Cavies" after adding cavies to the project, and wondering why 2 1/2 years ago "Ozarkansas Rabbit Farms" sounded better to me than "Ozarkansas Rabbitry" or "Ozarkansas Rabbits".

Second (mentioned in first): I added cavies (AKA guinea pigs) to the project! If you didn't know, cavies can also be shown at ARBA rabbit shows! So when considering adding another show animal to the mix they defiantly have an advantage if you are attending their shows anyway to show rabbits. I currently have 5 Brindle White Cresteds, a Red White Crested (currently looking for a new home), and plan to add more in the future!

Third: I am no longer raising American rabbits. I know some of you will be sad to hear this, I myself haven't had the easiest time letting them go. But I was finding my heart not in the intense project of breeding, heavy culling, and improving that my lines definingly needed and decided to try a few other breeds instead. If you are looking for Americans or information on them you can absolutely still contact me, and I will do my best to answer your questions and / or refer you to someone who does breed them!

Lastly, are the breeds or rabbits I'm currently trying out and starting a breeding program of since the spring. I've added two running breeds English Spot and Tan. I really like both of them, but I'm especially fond of the English Spots! And besides the running breeds there's one more I'm super excited about! That would be my first love, the Holland Lop! It's been 8 years since I've owned a show quality Holland Lop, and I could not be more eager to meet my new little Blue Otter buck "LOL Sheldon"!! He'll be coming all the way from LOL Rabbitry in California this month!!!! I prefer big bunnies and less common breeds, but Hollands will never lose their special place in my heart and little Sheldon is going to be very spoiled!

In other news fall is fast approaching! Which means fall breedings, fall shows, fair season in the south, and before we even know it ARBA Convention! Once again I'll be there, proud to represent the state of Arkansas and the rare Beveren breed in both the show and youth contests! Stay tuned, as a list of fall breedings and rabbits that will be attending convention will be coming soon!

Thank you for reading, and may you have a blessed day!



by Lindsey on 01/09/18

Hi Everyone!

Wow!  It's been way too long since I gave y'all an update!  First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope its off to a great start for you!

Between trying to keep all the bunnies warm, the breed pages updated with current pictures and information, and all the other things in life I've been busy! But I want to share with y'all current litter plans and my new Beveren litter!

As some of you may know, I have had a very difficult time getting live babies from sisters Beverly and Whitney.  I still have not got babies from Whitney, but I got a BEAUTIFUL litter of three from Beverly!  They were born 2 days before Christmas and have been in the house to protect them from the brutally cold weather we've had the last couple weeks. They are now two weeks old, and weigh nearly a pound each! I am so exited!  And so is Beverly, she absolutely loves them! As all rabbit breeders know most mother rabbits only spend a few minutes a day grooming and feeding their babies.  Not Beverly!  She is taking them very seriously, and seems to be constantly grooming or feeding them!  It has been very interesting to watch her, because this is something I have never seen before and may never see again. Here is a picture of them, they have already grown a lot but it gives you an idea of how chubby and sleepy they are.

I also have some sad news, I lost my Chocolate Dutch litter and both my American litters I was greatly looking forward to.  But they were first time moms, so I am trying again and hoping for better results this time!

And here are litter plans:

House of Blues' Junie (Blue American) x SLG Howdy (Blue American). Due 1-12-18

Dirty Creek's Scratchy (Golden Palomino) x Ozarkansas' Kyle (Golden Palomino). Due 1-12-18

SLG Bright Eye (Blue American) x House of Blues' Aran (Blue American). Due 1-30-18. Note: Aran belongs to House of Blues Rabbitry and half of this litter will also belong to House of Blues Rabbitry.

3 W's Sapphire (Blue American) x SLG Howdy (Blue American). Due 2-3-18

3 W's Destiny (White American) x House of Blues' Storm (Blue American). Due 2-3-18

Ozarkansas' Miss. Coconut (Chocolate Dutch) x Bergene's Hershey (Chocolate Dutch). Due 2-3-18.

Thanks for reading, and I'll try to write again soon!


Kelley Animal Services & Academy

by Lindsey on 12/18/17

Hi Everyone!

This isn't the kind of blog post I normally post, but I just wanted to give a big shout out to my friend Jessica with Kelley Animal Services & Academy!  If you are in Carrol, Madison, Washington, or Benton county in Arkansas I highly recommend them!  As some of my fellow rabbit raisers may know it can be hard to find someone to take care of your rabbits and other critters if you are out of town for a few days.  If you need someone for the job they would love to do it for you!  They also specialize in in home grooming for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and mini pigs.  And offer hoof trimming for sheep and goats and basic obedience training for dogs.  Whether your furry friends need a hair trim, or you need someone to care for your farm over the weekend don't hesitate to contact them!   https://m.facebook.com/kelleygroomingservices/

Thanks for reading!


Rabbit Transport!

by Lindsey on 12/14/17

Hello Everyone! 
I hope you and your bunnies are doing great!  Tonight I am going to reveal my other exciting announcement!  And as hinted in my previous post, this is for my far away readers!  I have had a lot of people from out of state contact me over the last two months interested in buying rabbits from me!  I am eager to send my stock out to other parts of the country so others can enjoy our beautiful rare breeds, but had yet to find a transporter, who is reasonably flexible, has a good reputation, and wouldn't cost my buyers a fortune.  Guess what?  I found one!  Julie at Six Gun Rabbit Transport is based out of Arizona, runs a slightly different route as often as once a month, and only costs $25 per hole!  So if you were considering getting rabbits from me, but you had no idea how you would get them to you let me know!  I can put you in contact with Julie and we can make it happen! 
Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you soon!