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by Lindsey on 01/09/18

Hi Everyone!

Wow!  It's been way too long since I gave y'all an update!  First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope its off to a great start for you!

Between trying to keep all the bunnies warm, the breed pages updated with current pictures and information, and all the other things in life I've been busy! But I want to share with y'all current litter plans and my new Beveren litter!

As some of you may know, I have had a very difficult time getting live babies from sisters Beverly and Whitney.  I still have not got babies from Whitney, but I got a BEAUTIFUL litter of three from Beverly!  They were born 2 days before Christmas and have been in the house to protect them from the brutally cold weather we've had the last couple weeks. They are now two weeks old, and weigh nearly a pound each! I am so exited!  And so is Beverly, she absolutely loves them! As all rabbit breeders know most mother rabbits only spend a few minutes a day grooming and feeding their babies.  Not Beverly!  She is taking them very seriously, and seems to be constantly grooming or feeding them!  It has been very interesting to watch her, because this is something I have never seen before and may never see again. Here is a picture of them, they have already grown a lot but it gives you an idea of how chubby and sleepy they are.

I also have some sad news, I lost my Chocolate Dutch litter and both my American litters I was greatly looking forward to.  But they were first time moms, so I am trying again and hoping for better results this time!

And here are litter plans:

House of Blues' Junie (Blue American) x SLG Howdy (Blue American). Due 1-12-18

Dirty Creek's Scratchy (Golden Palomino) x Ozarkansas' Kyle (Golden Palomino). Due 1-12-18

SLG Bright Eye (Blue American) x House of Blues' Aran (Blue American). Due 1-30-18. Note: Aran belongs to House of Blues Rabbitry and half of this litter will also belong to House of Blues Rabbitry.

3 W's Sapphire (Blue American) x SLG Howdy (Blue American). Due 2-3-18

3 W's Destiny (White American) x House of Blues' Storm (Blue American). Due 2-3-18

Ozarkansas' Miss. Coconut (Chocolate Dutch) x Bergene's Hershey (Chocolate Dutch). Due 2-3-18.

Thanks for reading, and I'll try to write again soon!


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