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Allmost Fall, Y'all!! (and I need some suggestions)

by Lindsey on 08/15/18

Hey Everyone!

Fall is just around the corner now, and I couldn't be more excited! Fall weather, fall rabbit shows, fall babies, oh my! I'm especially excited for babies, I mean who isn't? I have some breedings planned for early September, that should give me a nice variety of Dutch and Beveren babies! I have learned not to expect every doe to take, but I sure hope they all will! So here's the litters I'm looking forward to!

Goodwin Family Farms Oceanna (Blue Dutch) x Bergene's Hershey (Chocolate Dutch)

Ozarkansas' Chocolate Chip (Chocolate Dutch) x Bergene's Donovan (Chocolate Dutch)

Calloway's Pandora (White Beveren) x Ozarkansas' Nevada Falls (White Beveren)

BN Beverly Hills (White Beveren) x Ozarkansas' Alaska Winter (White Beveren)

Ozarkansas' Jasmine Forest (White Beveren) x Whitehouse's Buckingham Palace (White Beveren)

All of these pairings are firsts so fingers crossed they turn out good, and I will keep you all updated!

Just one more thing for now, and I'm actually looking for suggestions on this one! I need a name theme for my English Spots! I find naming my rabbits very fun and I plan to start breeding English Spots soon, and would like to have a theme for the breed! I'm very open to suggestions! Please don't think you idea is too silly or dorky to be considered! I promise it's not! I mean, my only idea at the moment is VeggieTales #yesiamhomeschooled LOL

Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!


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