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Thanksgiving Bunnies

by Lindsey on 11/24/17

Hi Everyone!
I hope you and your rabbits had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
While I have no new litters, and we have had several miscarriages / still births from sister Beveren does Mount Whitney and Beverly Hills, I still have quite a few bunnies to be thankful for!  And before we moved on to Christmas I wanted to do one last fall photo shoot to share with y'all.  So I gathered all the bunnies and took lots pictures to capture the adorableness :)
Before I took pictures Ambrosia's little twin does thought it would be best if they washed their faces. 
Such pretty little girls.
And here are Junie's babies.  They don't like getting their picture taken very much, but they very sweet and show quality.  Only one of the six is spoken for and they will be ready to go on November 29.  Please let me know if you are interested!
Here are Snowstorm's babies.  They are 2 weeks old and just opened their eyes.  At this age their light blue eyes are pretty sensitive to the sun, so they are closing them in the pictures.
This picture gives you a good look at the curly baby. 
I hope you enjoyed these cute little bunnies!  And thank you very much for reading!  It means a lot to me!  By the way, if you look forward to reading these posts and check my blog often for new ones let me know in the comments!  I would love to know that you enjoy my bunny blog! 

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