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Palominos were recognized in 1952 
at the A.R.B.A convention in Little Rock, Ar. The only A.R.B.A convention ever held in Arkansas!  
Ozarkansas' Kyle
Palominos are a beautiful multipurpose breed. They are very calm, and don't quite have as much personality as my other 3 breeds. They are truly an American breed developed out of what many people would call " meat mutts". They make an excellent meat rabbit for those who want commercial type, but something a few pounds smaller and more uniquely colored than the New Zealand.  
Sr. Doe
Color: Golden
Ear number: DCP39
DOB: 11-10-15
Weight: 9 lbs 8 ozs.
Winnings: BOV and BOB at Building Oklahoma Youth RC - Youth. BOV and BOB at Arkansas State Fair - Youth.
Legs: 1
Number of times shown: 4
Number of litters raised: 2
Nobody knows the genetic make up of the Palomino. 
The Palominos first names were "American Beige" and "Washingtonian."
Int. Buck
Color: Golden
Ear number: PSFB1
DOB: 6-19-17
Weight: 8 lbs.
Winnings: BOSV and BOS at Arkansas State Fair - Youth.
Number of times shown: 3